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Our Services

Landscape Maintenance
Maintaining your property is our enjoyment. We only use top-of-the-line equipment to ensure you are getting the professional look that you are expecting. We pride ourselves on the "little" details that make your yard stand out from the rest. Our regular maintenance service includes turf management, trimming, pruning, edging, removing all debris, and caring for your bushes along with the beds they thrive in. We can maintain your small trees as needed and if they become too large for us, we can refer you to recommended specialists. We are committed to giving you that "WOW" yard.

Landscape Design
Landscaping is defined as the art of arranging or modifying the features of an area of land for aesthetic or practical reasons; that is exactly what we can do for your property. We look at each project as an empty canvas and make it into your own personal masterpiece. We excel in taking an area of your yard and enhancing it to its full potential. Whether you want an English garden for formal entertaining or some traditional Southern charm, Fertilawn Landscape & Maintenance can turn that vision into reality.

Additional Services
  • Pine straw and mulch of beds, delivery and installation
  • Seasonal flowers for additional colors (your design or ours)
  • Hardscapes and stone work such as walls or pathways
  • Fertilization of turf areas
  • Aerating and overseeding/sanding
  • Landscape lighting